from KATE 26 March 2007

Dear Luigi
I hope you have time to read all of this.
I love the book the layout is fantastic and easy to understand, although I haven´t tryed out all the folds yet.
What you wrote in your introduction is exactly how I feel, as I am more of a front of house person as well and love working and talking to people. It's putting initiative into my work that makes it all seem worthwhile. To try constantly to use my head to improve my work as I am not a creative person but I enjoy folding napkins, and who knows if I won't create my own designs.
I live and work in a residence in London (although currently on a work exchange placement in Madrid for one year) so I have a different clientele than a restaurant. It is more like a home as my customers are generally the same each day apart from passing visitors.
I also do some work in conferences and all sorts of other projects including working in the Hotelolympia shows. 
We try to create that 'family touch' and put little details into everything. I think its all about making a difference in peoples life's. By producing an attractive meal or a creative napkin fold that person can leave the dining room/restaurant thinking 'somebody cares about me' and in turn I think it has a repercussion affect.
At the end of the day I believe its what the hospitality industry is all about.
Now back to your book. I loved the little history, very interesting I had no idea.Thank you.
I love the sort explanation with a touch of wit or a useful tip, before each fold. eg p.38 - opera house and p.40- prep to stage 8. This is very useful for me as I need to prepare napkins in advance and store them neatly until the next day.
As for your web page I think its a great idea and of course very necessary for your work and to help this wonderful craft get better known.

Normally I would not have so much time to write all this but I am on sick leave with a bad knee/leg and am only to happy to help with some (I hope) positive feedback on your book.