fr Luigi to Kate 2 April 07

Dear Kate,
It was a great pleasure to receive your feedback and personal comments on my book. I can detect that like me you are a perfectionist at your work. You are doing yourself an injustice when you say that you are not a creative person. Anyone who is willing to change the mundane daily routine on how the dining table is presented to customers or guests, in my view is indeed capable of intellectual creativity. Your style and panache is obviously the driving force that motivates you and the way you do your job. 
The repercussion effect that you mention in your letter is the perfect correct interpretation of “I care”.
My own motto is “Good food and a perfectly laid table compliment each other in perfect harmony”   
At the end of the day, this extra effort will send a message of “Welcome” and that is worth something.
I wish you a speedy recovery from your illness and hope to hear from you again soon.
Kind regards